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Kofounderz Team firmly believes that Startup Success need not be the monopoly of the Founders who speak English fluently. There are youngsters, who may be fluent in their mother tongues and with sharp business acumen and Startup dreams from Bhuj to Baghdodra , Anantnag to Aizawl , Igatpuri to Imphal and the cliche ofcourse from Kashmir to Kanyakumari !

Shurukaro (TM) is the word that came to our mind as the Hindi synonym for Startup and also the name for the initiative where Startup knowledge, nuggets , bytes about the nuances , anecdotes and useful information about the Startup world will be available in various vernacular languages from India in byte-sized, 3 to 7 minute, free, easy to download audio clips recorded by expert and experienced practitioners from the Startup ecosystem.

If you are a young founder keen to understand the ecosystem better, feel free to download ,listen and forward. If you are an expert from the Startup ecosystem, feel free to contribute your clips by getting in touch with us at [email protected]

Diff Between Startup and Regular Biz – Kannada

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Dalal Street for SME

Preparing For Listning

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