Creation and maintenance of perfect hygiene in compliance is the key to success and hallmark of practically every successful Startup.

Bhavani ChandoluCompliance and Deal Making Expert

Success is inevitable when you do things differently to simplify the processes and ease the work of your employees. Operations is all about better performance every time.

Anand KumarOperations and Process Excellence Expert

An organization is at its best when its unique human nature resonates with its ecosystem. Creating and nurturing this alignment will be the cornerstone of leadership in a post-pandemic world.

Vinayak JakatiLeadership and Strategy Expert

It may seem irrelevant if we mathematically equate intangibles, of Intellectual Property Rights, with growth; but, we need to remember that ‘Big companies can do to startups what startups, with IP, can do to big companies’. That is the power of a good Intellectual Property Rights portfolio.

Chirag TannaIntellectual Property Rights Expert

Immunity to fraud is a myth. Therefore, being mindful of the possibility is your first defense against vulnerability to fraud.

Devaki NaikIndependent Forensic Accountant

The Indian Startup Ecosystem is going to morph into a Unicorn producing factory. Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply say, a few years from now, “Well, we did our bit”.

Sachin Karnik

To grow a business, entrepreneurs must know how to lead and manage change. The entrepreneurial mindset is unique in that one must be creative, communicative, and highly motivated to succeed, yet open to risk and failure.

Khyati ShahSME and IPO Evangelist