5 PHD to Profitability

What is it?

The offering is curated for the brains behind the product. Kofounderz, as a platform, is an avid supporter of innovations and solution-based products. P2P is an abbreviated version of Phd to Profitability. We provide structured assistance to commercialise ideas via incorporated vehicles ensuring robust royalty and IP safeguards.

Who is it for?

PhD Students



Founders of existing startups

Startup Mentors


  • Equipping PhD students and profs with Intellectual Property landscape
  • Providing a context of safeguards required and pitfalls on IP front
  • Awareness about ways to partner with Universities and Institutions
  • Doing business is eased by demystifying processes and a time-saving system


Why is such a program needed?

Phd students, professors would prefer to focus on establishing their business and not get embroiled in the logistics. In many cases the support systems required for navigating the terrain in terms of Co-founders agreement, Ternsheets, defining and capturing IP, establishing patent applications, verbiage and Royalty discussions and negotiations with Universities is based on hearsay or inadequate reference points. The program will help demystify the process and create win-win arrangements.

Would the academicians be comfortable sharing their confidential material?

We assist with the process and we do not need any confidential material to be shared with us. Infact it is the founder’s prerogative as well as responsibility to protect their secret sauce.

What is the format?

The classroom session is an introductory primer for Students and profs to be aware of the scenarios they need to be ready for and broad mitigation. If the students desire, they can enroll in a follow up session for One-on-One Session with the faculty in a Pay-as-you-go format

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