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What is it?

A-Z readiness offering is fit for every startup and business aiming for series A and above funding. The programme provides skills and expertise required to acquire not just one round of funding but a roadmap for multiple rounds to ensure growth and success.

With Kofounderz Team, startups gain expertise in establishing a business that can plan for an IPO in the long run.

This program creates a multifarious advantage for the founding members. It enables them to understand financials, explore options, and become acquainted with the preparations and expectations that have to be put in from their end.

Who is it for?


Mature Startups

SME listing Aspirants


  • 360 degree assistance – A to Z
  • Mentorship
  • Long Run Growth is ensured
  • Financial risks and opportunities are explored for the long run
  • Networking with the experts


What is the format?

The format for this program is in two tiers. The Level One course is a classroom format with multiple participants conducted with the objective of context setting of options and readiness areas from the founders perspective. The level two course is a one on one intervention discussion with founder and his core team members to assess initial readiness, understand financials, explore options and get them to become familiar with expectations and preparation that needs to go in from their side.

Will this program cover fundraise assistance?

Fundraise Assistance program is an entirely different progran which the founders can enrol if they are keen to seek assistance from Kofounderz Team. We are neither a pooling vehicle nor a fund and only provide fundraise assistance support and mentoring support to our mentee companies.

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