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What is it?

Tiger Zinda Hai is a program that has been curated for the startups that may have been able to raise funds a few years ago but is now facing difficulty in grabbing investors attention and sustain the growth. This program helps in creating a comeback with a bang and rightly struck a chord with the investors.

In this program, the founders will be mentored with the technical know-how to create sustained growth and revamp their path towards getting the investors involved. This program is the right stair towards reaching out to the targets which the startups aimed at commencement.

There can be an excellent program outcome for the founders who get connected to the mentors and investors on the forum and direct their queries to them one on one.

Who is it for?

Startups struggling to raise subsequent round investment

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors



  • Investor Attention
  • Indirect Mentorship
  • One on One networking opportunity for startups and investors


What is the format?

This is not a classroom based format though founders are most welcome to enrol in the other programs to sharpen their positioning and other aspects of their Startup.Founders need to fill the form and submit the pitch deck and basis a discovery call, a recommendation will be provided to them whether they need to enrol in a one on one program or a Milestone based investment program.

A founder could independently enrol in a What the FWK program and seek investors or mentora directly, why would someone join this program?

Yes every founder can independantly pay and join any program including What the FWK forum and seek out Investors and Mentors direcrly. However the forum is not for Investment pitching since open pitching to investors in public is not allowed by the Law. That forum is best used by Founders to pose questions on areas where they need immediate help, its the founders forum for a Shout out. Enrolment in a Fundraise assistance program is a more direct way of ironing out the chinks in the fundraise efforts and be in front of interested investors in a direct closed-door format.

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