What is it?

VIISSAA is a uniquely curated program that stands for Very Intuitive program for Investors and Startups striving to be global players in the field. The course is designed to bridge the gap between the startups and our partner organisations in the USA. This enables the startups to receive prompt assistance.

The program helps the participants explore various aspects of splitting the attention and resources between Indian and American markets. It can be beneficial for startups who are keen on exploring new horizons.
There are significant outcomes of taking up this program for the startups aspiring to become Unicorns. First, this program renders expertise and understanding of how things work in the American ecosystem and let the founders familiarise themselves with what goes around.

Who is it for?

Startups Aiming for US markets

Founders with Global Aspirations

USA based investors and mentors


  • Understanding of the market intricacies before venturing into it – Insights such as SWOT, loopholes, gaps, legalities, compliances etc.
  • Enable the businesses to pick up rapid growth even in markets they have no points of connection in
  • Ensuring success with minimised risks and expert handholding
  • Networking at a global level


What is the format?

We have a two tier format. One is a classroom session format to introduce interested participants to the tips, aspects to consider, pros and cons of splitting attention and resources between India and Americas as well as the inclusions and exclusions of the course. The other is a one on one intervention for founders who are keen to embark on the journey and prepare for conversations with our US based partners.

What will be the potential outcome post completion of the course?

There are a lot of Startups aspiring to be Unicorns or significant players in the global scene. We cannot hope to be players in USA and in the valley without knowing and thoroughly understanding how things work in the American ecosystem.The sole intended outcome is the enhanced familiarity of founders in understanding the nuances. Being aware of the landscape and assessing the gaps for a leap in the future is half the battle won and this is the potential intended outcome for sure.

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