2 Professional Mentor Programme

What is it?

The offering facilitates experts to gain knowledge about structured mentoring for startups. Even if one is a successful mentor, the course offers roadmaps and organisational charts to quicken the research and process of mentoring. Moreover, the course material is put together in a fashion to familiarise one with the new-age startup language and terms. Professional Mentors Programme offers a good balance between first-time mentors and veterans, making it unique and popular among many mentors of the country.

Who is it for?

Senior Industry Experts

Retired Professionals

Startup Mentors

Service Providers

Government Sector Professionals


  • Quick Discovery of startups and mentors
  • Familiarisation with structured mentoring best practices
  • Networking amongst Mentors and knowledge sharing
  • Enhanced awareness about current startup industry and mentoring methods
  • Enhanced awareness of engagement formats, value capture, mentor equity and other commercial engagement formats
  • Enhanced Knowledge sharing, experience sharing, anecdotes exchange and interactive formats to sharpen mentoring skills
  • One year access to all Startups presenting via the What the FWK forum for lead generation and networking


What is the format?

Its divided into three sessions of two and half hours each with interactive sessions, case studies and handy tools provided for each participant.

Considering that the mentors are an experienced lot, how can you train them?

Firstly this is not a training session, its a facilitation session where various nuances, inputs and course material is shared for experts to become even better mentors since mentoring startups and founders is not a cakewalk. Even if someone is an experienced, GM, VP, CXO , Angel Investor or Startup mentor , this short course could help structure and refresh the roadmap even for an experienced practitioner. This course has been created as a good balance between a first time mentor and a veteran. Importantly a lot of service providers keen to offer services to Startups are unaware of the landscape anf founders lingo and find it difficult to do business with Startups. This course could prove to be an awesome primer for such firms and proprietary units as well.

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