6 Corporates Programme

What is it?

CUSP, Corporate Unified Startup Programmers, offers to bridge the gap between Corporates and the burgeoning Startups Ecosystem. Highly successful Corporates and their CXOs sometimes find it difficult to grapple with the new animal and are unable to boost Toplines and bottom lines inpite of the best talent and resources available. In rare cases , some of these corporates are oblivious to the bullet being built by Startup with their name on it.

Bootstrapped founders seem to be producing Unicorns with a knack and style that seems to be almost difficult for Corporates to crack.

Kofounderz Team will assist corporates , their teams, GMs, VPs and CXOs in identifying the sectors pertinent to them, leverage their strengths and most importantly build a roadmap of way forward with  specific recommendations that doesn’t allow the Corporate to come in its own way of breeding a Unicorn.

Who is it for?

Corporates keen to breed Unicorns

Corporates keen to invest in Startups


  • Infusion of successful solution building businesses to the country
  • Chance for small founders to form alliances with big corporates
  • Far enhanced awareness of the Startup Ecosystem to the corporates along with a clear roadmap of ways to leverage the ecosystem
  • Infusing Startup constraints, entrepreneurial hustle, bootstrapping perspectives and showcasing the do more with less approaches within entrenched organisation charts, functions and departments.
  • Acquisition or alliance with a potential disruptor who was making a bullet with the Corporates name on it. The Corporate can work jointly on the same bullet with the Competition’s name on the bullet this time. Acquire, build a big asset with insignificant investments
  • Potentially produce a Unicorn and join the extremely rarified orbit of Corporates that have successfully produced their own Unicorn


Corporates tend to be well resourced, what is the need for the program?

It is true that most corporates are well resourced and have the werewithal to make Startups successful but its not , in itself, a full recipe for success. Its strange that young founders have hustled, raised money, grown the businesses , enhanced valuations , produced Unicorns but is not strange that not a single corporate has been able to launch or produce a Unicorn. Ironically you are likely to find instances of people who have left cushy corporate jobs having produced a Unicorn but never corporates themselves.The CUSP plans to address this part.

So how do you intend to train corporates?

Firstly we dont intend to train anyone, certainly not Corporates. The program comprises largely of following four parts
– Understanding nuances of the portion of ecosystem pertinent to them
– How to get out of their own way
– leveraging their own strengths to create Startups programs that work for them
– Build , Operate, transfer an effective breeding ground for success stories

What is the format of the program?

The first program is a Classroom session with multiple participants where we basically describe the ingredients and let participants from the Corporates decide how to make the best use of what we bring to the table. If it resonates and they are able to secure a buy-in from their larger organisations and boards, we do a couple of one on one interventions of two and a half hours each where we map the aspirations of the Corporates with their strengths, agenda and agility to execute. This input , with specific recommendations and way forward inputs are provided to the Corporates for them to process and decide on next steps. At this stage the Corporates could embark on their own or rope in Kofounderz Team as their BOT partners.

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