3 Bare Feet Programme

What is it?

Some early stage Founders tend to get into Fundraising without identifying or fixing the chinks that Investors readily spot which results in Investor silences, rejections and disappointments. The programme is designed to prepare earlystage startups to raise capital via angel investors, family offices or venture capitalists. The initial classroom session and One on One intervention format with its intensive workshop format takes the founders through multiple levels of forming and sharpening a proposition. Business chinks of given startups are audited and sharpened to deliver a crisp pitch. Moreover, the programme shares practical tips on Product Market fit, TAM and SAM assumptions, importance of CAC , managing the runway and dozen other aspects, thus substantially improving the quality of Investor conversations.

Founders registering for the Bare feet programme also get limited-time Access to What the FWK forum and we strongly recommend this programme for Early Stage Startup founders. However, the programme only prepares startups to raise funding. To facilitate fundraise assitance, Kofounderz Team offers a separate service called Milestone Based Investing.

Who is it for?

Startup Founders


Legal Personnel

Service Providers


  • Reduced Investor Silences and Rejections
  • Substantially sharpened propositions
  • Quickened process of raising funds
  • HIgher probability of gaining the ability and eventually raising capital
  • Technical know-how regarding raising capital is readily available
  • Networking & Access to multiple programmes at Kofounderz Team


What is the format?

We have a level one session which is a classroom session of two and a half hours which covers different but extremely practical tips on how to see the chinks in your own narrative and ways to plug them even before you send your deck or make the first pitch to a prospective investor. Incase founders think they need a one on one intervention with the faculty for a specific and personalised deep dive of their narrative , pitch deck and Investment manual, they can enrol in the Level 2 course which comprises of two sessions of two and a half hours each with detailed insight, practical tips , suggestions and inputs on their proposition , pitch deck and Investment material.

Do you facilitate investments?

Enrolling in these courses prepares you to face investors. The course fee also has a complimentary , limited period access to What thw FWK forum, however if you are looking for Fundraise assistance, you will have to separately enrol in the MBI program.

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