1 what the FWK

What is it?

In short, it is a Zoom or Google Meet Seminar or a Webinar with a reversed audience. It’s a platform where the stage is given to the founders while the Experts, Investors, Mentors, Service Providers are part of the audience. These sessions focus on solutions instead of challenges. The idea is to quicken the process of finding solutions to specific difficulties faced by entrepreneurs. This is not a forum for an Investment pitch though we facilitate offline connects as required.

Each founder will be allotted a 30 minutes session. The founders get 8 minutes to explain their business and 2 minutes to present their ask. The ask could range from the timing of fundraise to logistical issues or any issue where the shoe is pinching for the founder. The remaining 20 minutes are provided to the interested audience to discuss the solutions and offer their suggestions and solutions. Eventually, the aim is to keep the founders and the interested participants connected via Slack or other channels to see if they can become a part of the ‘think tank’ , Investment pool or atleast friends for life.

Who is it for?



Service Providers

Investors: Angels or VCs

Corporate Executives



  • No Gatekeepers – Stringent curation norms and Gatekeepers of Investing platforms and other ecosystem players prevent deserving Startups from being in front of Mentors, Investors and Experts. We believe that every founder, with a conviction in his or her proposition deserves to be in front of audiences he or she seeks without paying a bomb. Similarly, every Investor or Mentor deserves unfiltered access to ideas and disruptors, as raw as it comes. Hence, What the FWK !
  • Worthwhile networking – while there are many online and offline platforms available for networking, you get to select the audience you wish to network with, with this platform.
  • Time-Saving – The platform is built in a fashion that escalates the matters at hand by connecting problems and solutions on the spot.
  • Long Term Efficiency – By keeping the founders and interested participants connected through a virtual group, transparency and efficacy are achieved for the long term. In addition, founders can link back to them in case of any hurdles or other challenges for which they might need counsel from the same experts.
  • Investors get access to the startups in their sector and insights into the business directly without wasting much effort and resources.


How is it different from many other webinars?

Founders usually avoid excess of gyan sessions and webinars. They are more interested in getting answers to issues where the shoe is pinching for them be it ways to reach out to investors, opening new territories, marketing or distribution partners or any such issues. The forum facilliates this so that founders can briefly explain what they do and present their ‘ ask’ to the audience. This is not a forum to make investment pitchew but a great way for founders to connect with mentors, investors, service providers , prospective employees, customers, channel partners, corporates who can really help them take their business forward.

What is the format?

The founders get 10 minutes to explain their Startup or proposition for 8 minutes and present their ask in 2 minutes. The remaining 20 minutes are provided to audience to suggest how they could be relevant. Interested participants are added to a slack group so that they can stay in touch with founders post the event.

Is there a limit to number of sessions one can attend?

This is not a process where you have gatekeepers and curators to hold you back. As long as you have a compelling narrative and a real help area identified you could be on this forum as many times as you renew your monthly pass.

Infact if you enrol in our preparatory courses, we will even help you sharpen your narrative and impress the ecosystem to make it want to fall head over heels to help you.”

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