1 what the FWK


In short, a seminar/webinar with a reversed audience. It’s a platform where the stage is given to the founders while the experts, investors, mentors, etc., take the audience.

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2 Professional Mentor Programme

Professional Mentor Programme

The offering facilitates experts to gain knowledge about structured mentoring for startups. Even if one is a successful mentor, the course offers roadmaps and organisational charts to quicken the research and process of mentoring.

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3 Bare Feet Programme

Bare Feet Programme

The programme assists founders in raising funds. The offering is curated to prepare early-stage startups to raise capital via angel investors or venture capitalists.

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4 Start-up’s Fraud Proofing

Fraud Proofing Startups

The Fraud Proofing Startup Program assists the new age revenue positive startup world with Forensic Audit expertise and technical know-how. Kofounderz Team will assist the founders in being prepared before the investors step in.

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5 PHD to Profitability

PhD to Profitability

The offering is curated for the brains behind the product. Kofounderz Team, as a platform, is an avid supporter of innovations and solution-based products.

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6 Corporates Programme

Corporates Programme

CUSP, Corporate Unified Startup Programmes, offers to leverage the gap among existing startups phenomenon and corporate culture to boost corporates’ top and bottom lines.

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a-to-z (1)

Series A to Z Readiness

A-Z readiness offering is fit for every startup and business aiming for series A and above funding. The programme provides skills and expertise required to acquire not just one round

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tiger-zinda-hey (1)

Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger Zinda Hai is a program that has been curated for the startups that may have been able to raise funds a few years ago but is now facing difficulty in grabbing investors

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7 Milestone Based Investments

Milestone Based Investments

Milestone based investing offers a format of structured investments for startups. The service provides a safety net for investors and startups through a given configuration of investing.

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VIISSAA: Very Intuitive program for Investors and Startups

VIISSAA is a uniquely curated program that stands for Very Intuitive program for Investors and Startups striving to be global players in the field.

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